Hope for Small Membership Churches

A one-day hands-on workshop for rediscovering God’s promise

The Hope for Small Membership Churches workshop will be offered in 2017. The workshop has four sessions. Here's what you can expect to learn in each session.

Contact Rev. Dr. Carl K. Ellis for more information about this workshop.

Session 1

Listening to God: moving past hopelessness

Have you, as a church leader, felt hopeless because the number of people living in your community and worshiping at your church continues to shrink? Have you given up because it seems like you have tried many new programs with no success and now feel alone and burned out?

The Good News is you are not alone and there is HOPE. You are no different than Moses and the Hebrew people. God will help you through the wilderness to the promised land. The journey of hope begins when you listen to God’s word through prayer, Bible study, and worship.

Session 1 will help leaders and church members begin building and strengthening their spirit and soul with helpful spiritual tools for their faith journey, which they can share with other church members and their community.

Session 2

Focusing on the burning bush in our lives

Just because we fail does not mean our passion for sharing God’s love goes away. We still care deeply for our church, community, and children of all ages. Like Moses we all need to hear God’s call and open our hearts and minds to the burning bush which gives us the courage, strength, and desire to be disciples of Jesus.

Session 2 will help leaders and church members recapture their call and the burning desires God has placed in their hearts, and the tools to help others to discover their call and burning desires.

Session 3

Finding togetherness, we cannot go alone

Many have tried for years to go it alone leading to exhaustion and burnout. Sometimes church leaders and members have trouble sharing the “sandbox” with others. Moses couldn’t lead without help. He needed to learn to build a team which would help lead the Hebrew people out of slavery, through the wilderness, to the Promised Land.

Session 3 will help church leaders and members begin the process of team building through empowering others to become part of the leadership team through training, equipping, and sharing leadership with others.

Session 4

Seeing and living the vision from slavery to the wilderness to the promised land

Some of us have tried borrowing other churches programs and visions which failed to help our church grow spiritually or numerically. Today, we need clear visions which are written specifically for our church and community. Moses knew he had a clear vision for the Hebrew people. Today our churches need a clear and compelling vision which inspires our church and community.

Session 4 will help church leaders and members will begin developing a vision and given the tools which will help them develop a vision with their congregation in the days and weeks following the workshop. The vision will be designed specifically for their congregation and community.

Workshop fees

Individual Church: $500 + expenses

District/Group of churches: $1,000 + expenses

Church/Regional conferences: $1,500 + expenses

Fees include:

  • Pre-workshop phone conferences
  • One on-site planning session with 4-person leadership team
  • A one-day conference
  • Optional: a question and answer session for churches the night before the conference

Materials include:

  • Conference workbooks with outline of the workshop and suggestions for how to share your learnings with your congregation
  • A sermon series ready to adapt and preach
  • Suggested studies for biblical and spiritual growth
  • Suggested resources for church leadership, visioning and goal setting, and team work

Post workshop services

Churches can contract with Pastor Carl for continued consulting at $25 per hour. It is recommended churches purchase eight sessions.

The 8-session package includes eight one-hour web meetings with Pastor Carl (four for the pastor and four for the church) at $175, a $25 savings.