A First Step to Help Laity Discover Their Call and Gifts to Ministry


Is God calling me? a woman wonders while gazing at sunset

Photo by mcredifine, CC0

The Lay Academy can help laity take the first step into ministry.

Many have felt the call to ministry. The call may have come when you:

  • Were in high school or college and thought God cannot be serious.
  • Sat in church listening to the sermon, a hymn, and knew God was not speaking to you.
  • Had another person suggest you have gifts, and knew you were not good enough.
  • Led a Sunday school lesson, and one of the members suggested you consider preaching, and you said, “Not me!”
  • Taking a walk and felt a still small voice calling your name, and knew your imagination was working on over time.

However, the call does not seem to go away. You have a feeling God really does want you to be in ministry. People in your church keep suggesting you have a call. When you pray God continues to invite you to do more.

HOWEVER, you want more information before you let others know you feel called.

Therefore, you ask yourself, WHO can I share your feelings with and get direction. Is there a place WHERE I can reflect, pray, and discover my call, and if I am gifted? When I have a clear picture, HOW will I share my call and gifts with others? WHEN will I have time my hectic schedule to discover answers to God’s call in my life?

The Lay Academy might have the answers to your questions of Who, Where, How, and When.

WHO: Your pastor and district superintendent are there to listen. We want to encourage you to visit with them about your call. The Lay Academy has a course where you can also explore your call to ministry. Rev. Dr. Carl K. Ellis is the instructor of the Discovering Your Call to Ministry Course. He has taught laity moving into ministry since 1991 and has helped many laity like yourself discover their call to ministry. During the course, you work with other students, from around the United States, who have many of the same questions, concerns, and hopes as yourself.

WHERE: The course is on the web. You do not have to leave home. You do not have to get a motel room or spend hours traveling to the class.

HOW: The course is set up to help you discover your gifts and call to ministry. You will be sharing the time with other students, who also are searching and praying about their call to ministry. The course takes you step-by-step through exploring your call and gifts, and the writing of your call and gifts paper you will be able to share with your pastor and district superintendent.

WHEN: The next session of the Discovering Your Call to Ministry begins October 9, 2017. If you want more information or want to enroll please contact Rev. Dr. Carl K. Ellis.